Pipe chemical cleaning and protection:
Chemical cleaning is an efficient method for piping, cooling water systems, boilers and tanks. For new construction sites it is important to flush all systems from construction debris and remains contamination such as oil, grease and other scales to ensure that the system process is not affected or de-parameterized. Also we provide chemical solution for pipe protection against corrosion by flushing chemicals into piping systems to create lining and protect against chemical reaction between the pipe and the flowing substance, which will prolong the life time of the piping system and protect it against deterioration and make sure the flowing substance is not de-parameterized. Aged piping systems are affected after process runtime by many causes which require also cleaning and maintaining to examine blockage or flow reduction, and there comes our experience to evaluate, present a report and maintain using cost effective advanced solution. We have a reputable experience in this field. Our latest project was for KOC Gathering Center No 002 Clearing 6" pipes blockage.

Water Treatment:
Water treatment is a process to control water parameters to be reasonable and adequate for a certain process or usage. It can be applicable form the use of drinking water, industry, cooling system, medical or any other process. Al Maram General Trading and Contracting through three decades have completed several successful water treatment projects, reaching the desired results and parameters efficiently.
Our latest projects were for KNPC water treatment for plant Waste Management Plan and for Sultan Ben Issa and Sons Green Houses cooling Water Treatment at Wafra Farms.

SPA and Swimming Pools construction & maintenance:
Our Swimming pool division specializes in swimming pool design, construction and maintenance for indoor and outdoor pools and the installation of hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas & pool enclosures. We also supply chemicals, equipment and controls plus we provide Periodic pool maintenance. The importance of good pool maintenance cannot be stressed enough. Not only is it much nicer to swim in crystal clear water, but also pool water that isn't treated properly can be a danger to health. In addition, not looking after your pool properly can be very expensive when equipment is damaged and has to be replaced. These problems include leaks, burst pipes, broken heat exchangers and boilers, green water, sometimes dangerous pool water, damaged tiles, cracked coping stones, premature pump failure, unsafe electrics, inability to heat the pool, damaged covers and liners that need to be replaced, etc. All these problems are avoidable, but this does require either you to take responsibility for proper pool care or for you to get some help, which we can provide. To help you do this, we have prepared a Pool maintenance routine, which covers the things you need to do to keep your pool water properly balanced and crystal clear and avoid any unnecessary damage to pool equipment.

Fire Fighting systems:
Al Maram General Trading and Contracting is an approved Fire Fighting system provider, we’ve installed several systems for many facilities, finalized all related approvals and certifications, tested, commissioned and performed maintenance contracts.

Fountains & water features:
From designing to installation Al Maram General Trading and Contracting is one of the locally renowned companies is this field, completed projects for many landmark facilities like “Souq Sharq” in Kuwait City and Bayan Place. One of our land mark achievements is the water clock in “Souq Sharq” making the assembly of this eye-catching timepiece, designed by Professor Bernard Gitton, it is located in the Central hall (Plaza), and is the only one of its kind in the Gulf. The Ancient Greeks called this service “Clepsydra” which literally means “water thief”, and it is one of the oldest ways to measure time.