About Us
Established in 1985 as mechanical services provider specialized in Mechanical Engineering, Water Treatment & Plumbing, strived through three decades to become one of the locally renowned as an expert solution provider for several principals. Expanding services to include all MEP works, construction finishes, Steel Works, Mechanical Services for infrastructure construction, Specialist Services; SPA & Swimming Pools construction & maintenance, pipes chemical cleaning, pipes protection against corrosion, cooling water treatment, and Engineering Consultancy; design special purpose systems, Technical Inspection, Technical Investigation & Reporting.

To be a leader in specialized engineering services and consultancy, to make a mark in the local market and to reach ultimate customer satisfaction. To retain reputable agencies that provides state of the art technologies and smart solutions.

To keep updated with the latest technologies, to embrace successful business ideas that is related to technologies. To pursue customer satisfaction through adhering to the international standards and high quality services, paying attention to details and putting quality and safety in our line of sight along our workmanship. To maintain career and knowledge development for our employees under high quality, healthy and safe environment.